Bangkok cowboy

A lot of people only go to Thailand for the bangkok cowboy and the reason is to have a great time. You see down at Soi cowboy this is a street where you can really let your hair down. This strip of drinking bars, go-go bars and nightclubs is a hot spot destination for just about all male travelers.

Getting to this street of deviance isn't really a hard thing, in fact this is most likely one of the easiest places to get transportation to at any time of the day or night. Simply step outside of your hotel or holiday residence and look for either a taxi or a tuk tuk driver. Ask them to take you to this Soi and before you know it you will be whisked off there at a hundred miles an hour. The reason for this is that Thailand works on the kick back system, so everyone gets a kickback.

I love going down to this strip as a bangkok cowboy just for the reason that this area is better then watching television. In fact I don't even own a television set. Who needs one when you can kick back on an outdoor chair, beer in one hand and a cute local girl from up north sitting on your lap.

Taking in all the crazy nighttime sights, smells and action this is defiantly the place to be. I mean where else in the world can you be totally relaxed while watching drunk English tourists picking up lady boys while an Elephant takes a dump in the middle of this street. I tell you this is a crazy place indeed.

After a few drinks and some total hilarity of the outside world, I like to relax by getting a massage. Now I know that you can get a traditional massage from any shop, as over here massage parlors are akin to seven eleven shops. They are on every corner and if you see a corner without one, then it just means one will be there next week.

My top place to get a bangkok cowboy style massage is a place called Teven. This place is fantastic, offers great top-notch service and has a lot of cute girls that work in the joint. Now how this store works is you pick a girl of your choice and then you head on up to a private bathroom. Here you take a bath on a funny looking plastic mat and you get rubbed down by the cutie you chose earlier.

Oh this is done bangkok cowboy style too lads, the chick is totally naked and she uses herself to give you a jolly good rubbing down. This is a collection of xxx videos that I took at the club. I shouted some mates a free massage and filmed them in action, hot stuff - nsfw!